​​​Sean, François, Shelby, Barbra-Jean, Nellica and Lorelei


You might recognize us from one of the dog show competitions or events. We have been active in the dog community: UKC, ABI, CKC and CPE. Sean has been showing dogs in Conformation, Rally, Caro Rally, Obedience, Nosework, Barn Hunt, Weight Pull and now in Agility and Lure Coursing. 
François has been in the sidelines as the Number One cheerleader and supporter and is taking a more active role in the dog world as time passes by. François is now Pet First Aid Certified (Pet First Aid - Training with Katie http://www.firstaidtrainingwithkatie.com) as well as Human First Aid certified.
Over time we have come to use the polka dots as the "theme" for our dogs and we now use Team Barbra-Jean for the whole gang. Follow the polka dots at a show or trial and you will probably lead you to "Team Barbra-Jean", our resident superstar, and company!


  1. Francois and Sean

François & Sean 



(left us in 2015)


Katie Stoyles